An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb

*Adverb modifying verb: it will answer Where? When? In What Way? To What Extent?

Ex. The plant grew upward. (grew where?)

We will go to mass tomorrow. (go when?)

He was graciously helping. (helping in what way?)

He always shoots the puck. (shoots to what extent?)

* Adverb modifying adjective: will answer ONLY To What Extent?

Ex. This is an extremely messy room. (the noun ROOM is modified by the adjective MESSY. EXTREMELY describes to what extent the room is messy)

* Adverb modifying adverb:

Ex. We are not completely finished with grammar. (not answers to what extent modifying the adverb COMPLETELY)

MANY ADVERBS END IN –LY (softly, neatly, quietly), BUT NOT ALL DO (ugly)!!!

Nouns Functioning as Adverbs:

–some nouns act as adverbs and answer: Where? When?

Ex. Evenings  (noun) are peaceful.

My mom works evenings. (adverb)


Determine the word’s function in the sentence. What is it modifying? How is it used in the sentence?

Ex. The game ran late. (late is modifying the verb ran, so it has to be an adverb)

We enjoy late dinners during the summer months. (late is modifying dinners which is a noun, so it has to be an adjective)

Click on the link below for practice!



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