An adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun.

Answers one of four questions:

1. what kind?              Ex. blue uniform

2. which one?                     rose garden

3. how many?                     ten dollars

4. how much?                     moderate humidity

*An adjective that modifies a noun USUALLY comes before the noun, but it can sometimes come after the noun.

  1. The brilliant teacher spoke.

The teacher is brilliant.

*An adjective that modifies a pronoun USUALLY follows the pronoun, but it can sometimes come before the pronoun.

Ex. They were devastated by the hurricane damage.

Devastated by the hurricane damage, they left town.

There can be more than one adjective in a sentence!

Ex. The pretty, colorful, fragrant flowers

***Three common adjectives are called ARTICLES:

the (definite article)                         a, an (indefinite articles)

A noun can be used as an adjective.

Ex. flower garden

lawn mower

Proper nouns can be used as adjectives and are called PROPER ADJECTIVES

  1. Proper Noun                  Proper Adjective

Friday                             Friday night

Italy                                 Italian food

Some pronouns can function as adjectives.  There are 7 personal pronouns known as POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES or POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS


my, your, his, her, its, our, their                   The bride threw her bouquet.


this, that, these, those                                   These flowers are beautiful.


which, what, whose                                       Which flowers to you want?


another, each, either, little,

much, neither, one (Singular)                      Neither flower has wilted.

both, few, many, several (Plural)                Many flowers have wilted.

all, any, more, most, other,

some (Singular or Plural)                            We love all flowers.



Verb forms can be used as adjectives. They usually end in –ed or –ing and are called participles.

Ex. I pruned the wilting flowers.

NOUNS, PRONOUNS and VERB forms function as adjectives ONLY when the modify other nouns or pronouns.

Regular Function                     As Adjective

NOUN              The lawn is green                 I started the lawn mower

PRONOUN      This is a great idea                This idea is great

VERB                I colored a picture                The colored picture is soothing

Click on the link below for practice!



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